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Welcome to the Drifty Blog

Though Drifty might be a new brand to some of the people who have followed us, we’ve actually been around for a little over a year.

Drifty makes the popular web development tools Codiqa and Jetstrap. We live to make it easier to build with web technologies and to empower more people to build their dreams on the web or in the app store.

Codiqa is focused on making it easy to build rich mobile experiences (both native and web) with jQuery Mobile, and we launched it at the beginning of 2012. Over 2012 we grew it to profitability, formed some awesome partnerships with some great leaders in the industry, and built a small team around it

Jetstrap, our second product, was launched mid-2012 with the goal of making it easy to build desktop-oriented sites and utilize responsive web development with Twitter Bootstrap. Jetstrap has had an awesome reception since we launched and we are in the process of moving it out of beta and into a big part of our business.

Our company is primarily bootstrapped (we have only taken a small investment from TechStars). We run our company as if our customers are our investors, since in a lot of ways they have been. We consider ourselves a customer-financed company, and we answer to no one but them.

Our company is based in Madison, Wisconsin where we recently moved into a small office right on beautiful Capitol Square in the heart of downtown. We think Madison is well-poised to become a hotspot of tech companies in the future, and we are so excited to be a part of it and to invest in it.

We will be blogging on the Drifty blog primarily about running our company, and leave more product-specific posts on our product blogs.

Stay tuned and thanks for joining us on our ride to make it easy for more people to develop real things on the web and mobile!