To Cloud or not to Cloud, that is the Question


An ongoing debate has taken hold in the SaaS community over whether cloud-based or hosted tools are better for consumers of software products.

Obviously, the ultimate answer to this depends on the person, and his or her personal requirements and preferences.  However, having two well-established cloud-based products with over 200,000 users combined, we’ve had the opportunity to see the benefits of the cloud here at Drifty Co. Not to mention, since we interact personally with so many of our customers, we’ve have gotten a good grip on the benefits that our loyal bunch value the most:

You can access, build, and edit from anywhere.
Just yesterday, I built an app in Codiqa while at the office, made a few changes on my laptop at home, then later logged on with my girlfriend’s computer and added the finishing touches.  My schedule is often changing, and having the ability to access my services from any computer relieves a huge weight off my back. When using desktop software, the service is restricted to the device on which it is downloaded and licensed.  Many feel that the offline nature of hosted software makes their work more secure, but in reality…

Cloud data is constantly saved and backed up.
No Command-S to save your project on our products.  As long as you are hooked up to the internet, our cloud-based services are keeping your projects safe and saving changes with every little edit that you make.  With version control, this feature is even nicer.  Can you imagine designing the interface for three web pages, building in the navigation, then having your computer die before you can click save? I can (this actually happened), which is why i don’t use desktop software anymore if I can help it.

We can provide faster updates, bug fixes, and feature launches.
In the past month alone, our designers and developers have released over 20 new features, a ton of fixes, and launched a brand new, revamped builder for our mobile product.  All of this was done without requiring a single user to download an update.  The cloud-based nature of our tools gives us access to improve and fix things in realtime, without affecting or sacrificing the end user’s experience at all (except making it better, of course!).

Cloud-based tools allow simple collaboration and sharing.
One of the best aspects of Codiqa, our first product, is that we can allow teams to work on projects together from the same dashboard, which increases productivity and streamlining team processes at the same time.  In fact, we have a team account with over 30 projects that we build, edit, and share together.

Now, this is not to say that hosted services have no advantages; they certainly do, and there are tons of great hosted software products out there, tons.  This is just a very brief insight into the benefits of being cloud-based that we have found through our own tools, our users, and our efforts to give them the best experience possible.