Great Product Support is an Opportunity, not an Obligation

product support

At Drifty, we value product support as an integral part of our identity and our value proposition. Our average response time (including nights and weekends) is under 4 hours. We spend hours per day assisting and instructing users. Here is why:

Adding and extracting value

A support conversation is a value-heavy opportunity. When a user asks a product related question and a team member provides a useful answer, there is a value exchange happening between the two parties. For instance, the user can provide product insight (if it is a usage issue), feature suggestions, pricing feedback, and sometimes an up-selling opportunity. In return, the team member handling the question provides helpful communication, resources to assist the user, and proof that the team is invested in helping the user succeed in carrying out their goals. Being able to look at support conversations for the value that they’re providing is far more productive for all parties involved than simply viewing it as an obligation. Support is a two way street…

Making product development a two-way conversation

We pride ourselves on being a user-fueled company with user-focused products. What this means is that we fund the development of our products with our revenue, not with outside investments. To us, this form of product development gives us the best possible chance for success because every update, every feature, and every aspect of our products is specifically designed to help our users get more value from using them. There are no outside influences pushing us in different directions- just our customers.

Having great support is one of the best avenues to gaining information from our users on which direction to take. Whether it is requesting a feature, explaining a UX issue, or any other product-related question, our team is tracking and discussing these inputs, and making them an integral part of our product development conversation.

Exporting our culture

The final golden opportunity that often goes unnoticed in product support, (and one that we value the most at Drifty), is the opportunity to show users that you genuinely care about them. If you’re customer focused, how could you not?

When a Drifty team member describes our company’s mission, you’re likely to hear any version of “user-focused, customer-fueled, client-centered, etc,” but you really get to see it in action with our support. We are going to do every single thing we can to make sure that you get the most out of it. We respond to questions fast, we are conversational with our users, and we are extremely happy every time we get to solve an issue.

We do not do this because we feel like we have to, or we feel like it is best for the company (it is), we do this because it is who we are. It’s in our DNA. Our culture is open, helpful, team-oriented, and it’s reflected in the way that we handle support.

If nothing else, remember this…

Product support is not an obligation. It is not an annoying tick in your inbox that needs to be removed. Support is an opportunity to converse, it is a chance to gain and add value. It is a chance to show your users who you are and how much you care.