Drifty at Techweek: A Recap

Drifty at Techweek

Last Saturday, June 29th, the Drifty team introduced hundreds of developers, designers, marketers, and entrepreneurs to Codiqa and Jetstrap at Techweek Chicago.

The event was a bit of a last-minute engagement for us, as we only decided to become involved in early June, so as one would imagine it was a very hectic process. In addition to being part of the expo, we also sponsored the Launch competition by awarding its winner, WeDeliver, with one-year free licenses of each of our products.

In a two-week span, our team designed and ordered display and marketing materials, created demo videos for displaying at the event, and planned all the logistical details.

Before the event, we all agreed that it would be a success if we could simply get as many eyes on our products as possible, and learn as much as we could in terms of how potential customers perceive our products. I would say that we definitely accomplished these goals, with a little bit of nice team-building included.

We met a ton of unbelievably smart, passionate, and fun tech lovers from every corner of the industry as well as the country. We performed demos of Codiqa and Jetstrap to many of them, learning how users with different backgrounds (coding vs. non-coding) initially react to the product, and how we may be able to leverage these reactions to better sell our software. We heard from almost everyone that our prices are unbelievably low (more on that later), and our potential unbelievable high. We made a lot of relationships that could potentially turn into very beneficial partnerships in the future.

Overall, TechWeek was a very new and very exciting experience for us. Sometimes getting to see customers getting excited over your products in person is an enlightening experience that cannot be explained unless you really feel it. Just being reminded that we, and our products, are capable of causing that excitement is enough to know that we are doing a good amount of things right on this crazy ride.