Writing: Highly Effective


As a digital creator, I live to put shiny new things into the hands of people all over the world.

Crafting an experience that elicits a response in the market or on social media is addicting. It’s partly why I still wear my creator hat despite the fact that Drifty is growing and our successful products are changing less frequently. I can’t imagine a company where I’m not helping create new products several times per year.

Traditionally, my method of creating has been through software. I’ll build a web app that does something interesting, I’ll find some people on Twitter that want to try it, and I’ll build an audience and iterate on the product.

While I’m addicted to building new software products, it’s still a time consuming, potentially costly process that I can only afford to do a few times a year.

As I’ve been writing more frequently, I’ve realized that I get a similar high to building software products when I release a blog post and people read it.

It also struck me that writing has been a hugely important part of Drifty’s growth, including on social media, email marketing, and customer engagement and support.

It seems that writing is one of the most effective means of digital creation. It’s a process that requires little time investment, no support or maintenance costs, and doesn’t randomly break when you’re asleep.

Great writing can solidify your brand, spark conversation and traffic on social media and beyond, help your customers, and bring in more customers from search engines.

Writing has become just as important to me as developing software, and it is becoming a large part of how we run Drifty.

Get writing!

  • qimomar4

    I fully agree; writing is extremely important, and it takes time to develop great writing. I’m actually writing a blog on writing: writingpanda.wordpress.com. The website isn’t anything spectacular, but I am working on the content rather than the presentation.

    I’m no designer… which makes Jetstrap so attractive!